Haimalatta's Botanicals®

Timeless Elegance. Timeless Beauty.



Haimalatta's Botanicals®, a luxurious line of all natural skin and haircare products designed for a more radiant you.


As a massage therapist, Cherrie Martineau knows the importance of eliminating toxins from the body to help with overall health and well being.  In her search to create the best products to complement her massage, she found a formulator who is equally passionate about the health and well being of others. Haimalatta's Botanicals® uses a holistic approach to skin and hair care to bring you this luxurious custom and proprietary blend of organic, chemical and toxin free selection of beautiful and sensual lotions, creams and specialty treatment products. Skin responds naturally to being fed properly, which means skin cells are healthy. With this all natural skin care line, you can expect to feel and look your best!  New products are in the works! Check back to soon to see what I've created!



A portion of sales goes directly to charitable causes. Thank you for your purchase!