"Cherrie is an exceptional massage therapist. I was tense, stressed and having back pain when she began working on me. Within minutes of experiencing her skilled strokes, I found myself drifting into a profoundly relaxed state that was beyond any other in my experience. By the end of my massage, I felt calm and rested, and all pain was gone. The real and unexpected treat was that I continued to enjoy the healing and rejuvenating benefits for several days afterwards! A number of years ago, prior to my current profession, I myself was also a massage therapist for eight years. As such, I had the pleasure of enjoying hundreds of massages from nearly as many different practitioners through an exchange of services. Because of my experiences, I tend to be extremely picky and critical about the massage techniques, the touch, the energy, and the personality of the person working on me. Cherrie excels in a holistic approach that is nourishing to body, mind and spirit, and I love her old soul energy. Her touch is caring and healing; her personality is energizing and delightful; her work space is a balm to the soul with softness, textures, a symphony of muted and bold colors that are dappled with gentle and diffused lighting. For a lasting treat and an amazing experience, give yourself the phenomenal pleasure of a massage by Cherrie!"
        Dianne Ruth, PhD www.DynamicResources.net

"I recently started going to Cherrie Martineau for massages and found her to be a step above any massage therapist that I’ve ever been to. I’ve been getting massages for about eighteen years pretty regularly as I have Fibromyalgia. Cherrie is very good at listening which isn’t always the case with other massage therapists. I have to have a very light massage because if I have anything too strong it can trigger me into a huge flare up where I wouldn’t be able to do much of anything. I am a hypnotherapist and I am also in the health field and have recommended her to others who like medium and deep massages. She is able to give you the kind of massage that you need, whatever that may be. Aside from her massage, her space is very peaceful and calming. Cherrie carries with her a very special energy that she passes to you which helps you feel amazing! You walk away after an appointment floating on a cloud and all your pains dissipated."
        Judie Keys, CCH www.TheHealingTree.net

"I cannot recommend Cherrie enough! Her massage was perfect and exactly what my body needed. I felt she was listening not only to my words but how my body was reacting to the experience. If you are looking for a knowledgeable massage therapist who is in-tune with you and your needs I would highly recommend Cherrie."
        Alan Underkofler, Yuma, AZ

"I've had a full range of massage experiences and this one is one of the best for sure! I'd freely recommend Cherrie to anyone!"
        Sandra M., Essex, VT

"I slept like a baby after my session with Cherrie. Prior to that, I was having difficulty sleeping because of neck and shoulder pain. She is truly gifted!"
        Tony, San Diego, CA

"Cherrie's massage is amazing! She knows exactly what you need and how to make you feel relaxed."
        Jen, Los Angeles, CA